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Hello! We are Jake and Necia,

(Necia is pronounced Nee-sha and Jake is pronounced Jake)

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We are full time California Central Coast wedding photographers who work as husband and wife photography team based in San Luis Obispo but often travel to fun destinations for adventure sessions and weddings. We have been photographing wedding celebrations full time since we got married back in 2009 (when we were just babies right out of college). For a deep dive into our love story, click here!


Working with your best friend while hanging out with fun couples is pretty much the best and we wouldn’t want it any other way. When we aren’t taking pictures we love to spend time paddling around our local bay, camping in the woods, playing games with friends or taking a trip to a far off place with warm ocean water and yummy food. We enjoy becoming friends with all our couples and feel blessed to be a part of their wedding!

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Hi I’m Jake

I grew up in the mountains of southern California.

I love to cook. I am the chef in the family, I serve Necia 3 meals a day.

I am obsessed with the ocean, I love to surf in it, swim in it and fish in it.

Also anything mountain based is my jam. Hiking, biking, camping…all the activities.

If I could pick a perfect day it would be a hot day at the beach where I could trunk it, followed by tacos and beer.

Hi I’m Necia

I grew up in the East Bay.

I love eating whatever Jake cooks, without him I would survive only on chips and salsa, which wouldn’t actually be the end of the world.

I enjoy estate sales not only for fun vintage finds but I also enjoy seeing inside people’s houses….not sure how to make that sound less creepy.

Being a crazy plant lady, I wouldn’t say I have a green thumb but I do manage to only kill the frail ferns.

If I could pick a perfect day it would be to float a river and then drink a milkshake.e default text here

about san luis obispo wedding photographers necia odening

our adventures

our love story

in 2005 we both started college at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo as Art and Design Majors. Our very first class at Cal Poly was intro to drawing and I, Jake noticed Necia from across the room. However I didn’t muster up the courage to talk to her until the second quarter where we happed to have another class together- Color Theory, the most time intensive and monotonous class we had to take as design majors. Late nights in the lab painting swatches of color started us talking and we became friends.

hen in March 2006 there was a makeout session while watching Princess Bride and you could say our relationship status on facebook changed (which was a really big deal in 2006). Our dating years were spent camping in Yosemite, hiking around San Luis Obispo, road trips to Disneyland and whatever random adventures we could think of.

disclaimer: apparently I thought the puka shell necklace was still cool in 2006.


After 3 years of dating Jake popped the question in Montana De Oro on top of a dune where we had our first “date” aka going on a hike as friends. Necia already had the ring on before she said “yes!”

THe Wedding

We were married 7 months later on 09.04.09 at the Dana Powers House in Nipomo, CA surrounded by our friends and family. Jake cried when he saw Necia walk down the aisle and she laughed and almost kissed him before the ceremony even started. Everyone warns you, but it is seriously true, your wedding day really is over in the blink of the eye so thank goodness for the photos to remember it by!!!

engagement photos were done by Mike Larson and our wedding was photographed by Mike & Rachel larson and
Chloe Murdoch


Since we love adventure we spent our honeymoon exploring the rain forests and beaches of Costa Rica! It was Necia’s first time out of the country but with Jake’s “un poquito” spanish skills from high school we had an exciting time navigating our way around the country since this was before we had google maps on the phone! We zip lined in the cloud forest, soaked in warm volcano fed hot springs and just had lazy days on the beach with the monkeys as our entertainment.

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